How To Photograph Food Tutorial


When taking photos of food you should always make sure that it looks delicious. Bring out the beautiful colors and make it look tasty on the photo. Here are some quick tips:




Lighting and camera settings determine the outcome of the entire shoot before it’s even started, so a solid understanding of the basics of lighting will help you achieve amazing product photos that you can use throughout your website and marketing efforts.

For most merchants, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to a photography studio and all of the equipment needed to shoot professional product photos. So in this post, we’re going to look at how you can master DIY natural lighting, and create beautiful photos using either a smartphone or professional-grade camera.



Space and framing


Surround your main dish with ingredients and props that relate to the food. Ingredients, sauces, oils, and cooking utensils could indicate how the dish was made.


Tins, jars, herbs, glasses, fabrics and linens could speak about the origin of the dish or the season in which it is served. Placing a few of these in the foreground and background will definitely elevate your story and give it depth.


Fill in the whole space with food. To see the whole plate can be unflattering. You want to capture all the details.





If you are making the food that you are photographing, be sure to place it carefully, and don’t overdo it with lots of food, and don’t use big bowls or plates. When placing items into your food images, try selecting neutral tones, something that makes the food really pop against it.

Selecting a neutral background like this black metal tray and baking paper, amplifies the bright red strawberries and rhubarb inside these Crostatas, making them really steal the show.


You don’t need a closet full of props for interesting food photos. You probably already have items at home that will look great in photos. Get creative! Vintage handkerchiefs can make fun napkins and well-worn baking sheets can make an interesting background.