How To Take Amazing Clouds Photos



Clouds come in so many different shapes and sizes, and they change all the time, also couds can be highly effective at shaping the mood of your photos, taking photos of clouds may seem easy enough so if you want to capture a good cloud photograph you should be quick with your camera, but that is not the only thing:




You will first need to have the right equipment. A tripod is always good to have, and make sure that you place it on solid ground. This will of course prevent shaking and blurry photos, and that is what you least want when photographing clouds. By all means use a digital camera. Use your tripod and bracket exposures to capture various moods of the blue sky.



Manual mode


Use manual mode on your camera. Manual mode on a camera allows the photographer to determine the exposure of an image by letting them select an aperture value and a shutter speed value. This give you ultimate control over the look of the photo, but you must have a deep understanding of exposure, and how shutter speed and aperture affect it..


Polarizing filter


Polarizing filter is almost a must. This will increase the contrast, and the clouds will be more sharper in the image. A polarizing filter or polarizing filter (see spelling differences) is often placed in front of the camera lens in photography in order to darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the sea.


Be creative.


Be artistic and creative. Try different angles. You might zoom in the clouds, or add some foreground or landscape to it. Play with it.



Watch out on weather


Be aware of the weather. Shoot in the morning or before evenings, that’s the best time of the day for cloud photography. Many photographers do not take photos in the middle of bright sunny days. You can make interesting photographs whenever there is light. If you choose a place where the sunlight is reflecting off the ground that can be useful for the final product. Good luck with your photos!