How To Photograph Eyes Tutorial


Eyes are something that can completely change the mood in a photography. But it’s not always easy to capture the magic of eyes when photographing. Here are a few tips that will help you along the way:




You will definitely need to prepare your subject a lot. Explain to the model what you want from their eyes, what they should express. Take your time to explain it well. An experienced model will understand, but you can make anybody look sad or happy into the camera, the next job is for you as a photographer to make it look like you want it to.




Use accessories that will hide other parts of the face, so the eyes get focused on. Use scarves and dull colored clothing, and avoid using colored and shining accessories like earrings and necklaces. We want the viewer to only look at the face and the eyes.





Try to make the light reflect from the subject’s eye pupils, that makes an incredible effect which is called catchlight. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to get that effect, so if you’re indoors, make the model stand by the window, or use an artificial light source.


    Flash And Red Eye

Remember to avoid the red eye, always have the red eye function on, or at least don’t use flash. Natural light is the best, and a good software editing program can lighten it up more.


    True Emotions

Start a conversation with the person you are photographing. Talk about something you know will awake certain emotions in their eyes. Of course keep on photographing while speaking to the person.



Close-up and Zoom

Try only to capture the face and the eyes, it might sound easy but that’s not always the case. If you don’t use zoom you will be so close up the person’s face that it will get a weird shape on the photo, so test out different kinds of zooms, and work from there.