How To Clean Your SLR Camera


A lot of photographers have had problems with filthy cameras. If you have a SLR camera you have might opened it up by taking off the lens. It looks fragile and therefore most people don’t dare to clean that area when it gets dirty. You will maybe not even know that your camera is dirty unless you shoot with tiny aperture, then you will notice black spots on your photos. This can be fixed by some simple steps:

No carpets and pets

Find a place with no carpets near you, or pets, or anything that can make the camera even more filthy. Remember to wash your hands and dry it with a clean cloth, no paper towel.


Take off the lens

Take off the lens, turn on the camera and go to the menu settings. Go to setup menu and choose Mirror Lock-up For Cleaning, or a similar setting. Press OK and turn off the camera, you will then see how the camera is opening itself even more so you can spot the sensor inside.

Do not touch the sensor

You are not going to touch the sensor, but a tiny glass in front of it. Hold your camera up facing downwards and use a air blower to press air up in it, that way the dust will fall down.

Use sensor swab

Take a sensor swab, take out the fluid which is ethanol/alcohol and take out the brush that comes with. Be careful and try not to get dust into any of the tools. 3 drops on the brush is enough, and shake it around to get off all the excess.

Use brush

Put the brush into your camera sensor and wipe it gently back and forth a couple of times, then take it out because you don’t want to use it again.

If you still see dust and dirt particles on your lens, use a lens cleaner and non-abrasive, lint-free wipes to carefully and gently clean your lens. Do not spray or drop lens cleaner directly on your lens but apply it to your cloth.