Best Tips For Photography On Reflective Surfaces


Photographers face many challenges while photographing highly-reflective products like sunglasses, watches, and other products with glass, gems, and metals. But to the photographer who knows how to shape and control light, eliminating reflections and unbecoming distractions like light spots can be as easy as photographing non-reflective products.

You can get so many good and abstract photos by using mirrors or other reflective surfaces such as water or windows. It gives the whole photograph an artistic appeal.

Use clean mirror

First you want to start off with a completely clean mirror. If you are using a mirror, choose one without a frame, that will give the best results. Don’t use any kind of filter, this will just reduce the reflection in an image. It would be clever to use an tripod so you can guarantee sharp photos.


Darken up the background

You can use whatever you want in front of a mirror. A good effect would be to place something on the top of a reflective surface, and darken up the background while lighting up the object. This is perfect for that artistic look.

People are great to use on mirror photographs, especially when taking a photo making their back blurry and their reflection of their front clear. Also remember to avoid using flat objects, because it will reflect flat and look very dull.

Foam board

The foam board will help to reflect light back onto the product and cause it to wrap around the subject softly. We suggest adding an additional piece of white paper or fabric on top of the setup in order to reflect light onto the subject from above as well.

No flash

Don’t use a flash, because it will most likely make glare or bright spots in the photo. But if you absolutely have to use a flash, use a mild one and stand on the side of the mirror, not in the front. If you stand to close you can risk to get unwanted lighting spots on the edges.