Best Photos of The Year 2013 on OneBigPhoto

Photo of the month January: The beauty of Positano, Italy. This photo was also included in top gallery “Beautiful Photos of Italy You Never Seen Before”. Photo by: Ricky Uz

Photo of the month February: Beautiful albino lion. Photo by: Shlomi Nissim

Photo of the month March: Lake Baikal, Siberia. Photo by: Alexei Trofimov

Photo of the month April: Beautiful Wisteria tree, photo that was also part of the top gallery “World’s Most Beautiful Trees Photography”. Photo by: Brian Young

Photo of the month May: Sahara desert fox. Photo by: Francisco Mingorance

Photo of the month Jun: Mind blowing 3D drawing on flat sheet of paper, photo was also part of top gallery “Awe-Inspiring Artworks in 12 Amazing Photos”. Photo by: Ramon Bruin

Photo of the month July: Bohemian forest, Czech Republic. Photo by: Zdenek Fiedler

Photo of the month August: Sunrise in airplane cockpit. Photo by: Karim Nafatni

Photo of the month September: Incredible photo with title “Mirror makes me invisible”. Photo by: Laura Williams

Photo of the month October: This is the first and so far only GIF image at OneBigPhoto, and it shows progress of Shanghai from 1987 to 2013. Photo by: Carlos Barria

Photo of the month November: Lovely snowy dusk in Liverpool, England. Photo by: Owen Buckley

Photo of the month December: Magnificent image of streets in Paris by night. Photo by: Robert Gabriel

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Best Photos of The Year 2013 on OneBigPhoto

Best Photos of The Year 2013 on OneBigPhoto

Photography by: unknown

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