These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Climbing

Good morning world. Jimmy Chin is one of the most extreme adventurers in the world and talented photographer. As he hikes, climbs and skis across the world’s harshest terrains, Jimmy manages to capture the raw beauty of nature and incredible human spirit. Photo by: Jimmy Chin

Climbing on the Greek island of Kalymnos at sunset. During World War II, military officers were trained in rock climbing to learn how to infiltrate enemy territories. Photo by: Lukasz Warzecha | National Geographic

Free climber and California’s Yosemite Valley. In the sport of free climbing, which means climbing with only a powdery chalk bag and rock shoes—no rope, no gear, nothing to keep you stuck to the stone but your own belief and ability. Photo by: Jimmy Chin

Breathtaking rock climbing by Chris Sharma, an American rock climber. In 2007 Sharma had been described as the world’s best rock climber. This photo is also part of These People Are Not Afraid of Heights top gallery. Photo by: unknown

6,300 Feet Above Pakistan. Uli Biaho is a mountain near Trango Towers and Baltoro Glacier in the Gilgit–Baltistan area of Pakistan. Photo by: John Burcham

Climbing on Mount Rushmore. Climbing on the memorial has been officially prohibited since work ended there in 1941. Photo by: Kevin Steele

Free climbing at ice waterfall at Japan. There are two types of frozen waterfalls: one type forms from a legitimate waterfall and one type forms from temporary runoff after a particularly heavy rain. Photo by: Christian Pondella

Beautiful morning while climbers are waking up at their camp on ropes at El Capitan’s dawn wall, Yosemite National Park. Photo by: Corey Rich

Epic lunch break. Rock climbing began as a recognized sport in the 1880s in England. Photo by: unknown

Climbing inside an ice cave on the north face of Alpine summit at 3800 m above sea level. You need to stay focused, pay attention to every single move and commit yourself entirely to this climb. Photo by: Kamil Tamiola

Rock climbing in Arizona. Many rock climbers wear special, tight, rubber soled, flexible shoes to easily grip and feel the rock beneath the climber’s feet. Photo by: James Q Martin

Amazing frozen waterfall climbing bellow night sky at, Haffner Creek Kootenay, Canada. Photo by: Paul Zizka

These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Climbing

These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Climbing

Photography by: unknown

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