These People Are Not Afraid of Heights

Fearless romance. A couple that is not afraid of anything. Photo by: Isaac Gautschi

Russian student Marat Dupri at the amazingly high structures around Moscow. Photo by: Caters

420 feet above Mumbai, India. Photo by: Vitaly Raskalov

Vitaly Raskalov and his friend Alexander Remnov call themselves skywalkers. As one can see, they capture incredible, vertigo-inducing pictures of each other on top of the highest buildings in Moscow and other cities in Russia. Photo by: Vitaly Raskalov

Hanging at 380 feet, the slightest slip could result in worst possible scenario. The Ukrainian daredevil is definitely not afraid of heights. Photo by: Mustang Wanted

Hanging of tall building with just one hand. Photo by: Mustang Wanted

There are to fearless photographers on this crazy high crane in Russia. Photo by: Vadim Mahorov

Everything for a good photography. A brave girl, Sochi, Russia. Photo by: Vadim Mahorov

Chris Sharma, the world’s best rock climber, an athlete endowed with unparalleled physical strength and mental tenacity doing some extreme free climbing. Photo by: unknown

Balancing on the edge of 1,000ft cliff in Norway. Photo by: Sindre Lundvold

Man sitting on top of a skyscraper looking down on the thousands of people at Times Square, New York. Photo by: Joseph Carnevale

Fixing the antenna at 1250 feet on top of the Empire State Building, New York. Photo by: Vincent Laforet

These People Are Not Afraid of Heights

These People Are Not Afraid of Heights

Photography by: unknown

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