The Amazing World Of Foxes In Photography

Foxes are members of the dog family. A female fox is called a “vixen”, a male fox is called a “dog fox” or a “tod” and baby foxes are called “pups”, “kits” or “cubs”. Photo by: Ivan Kislov

The red fox is the most common and widespread fox species in the world, found throughout most of the United States. Photo by: Igor Shpilenok

When fox pups are born, they are unable to see, hear or walk, and their mother must take good care of them. When the pups are young, their father hunts and brings food back for the family. Photo by: Ivan Kislov

Foxes can jump high up to 7 feet. Photo by: Richard Peters

Golden eagle attacking fox in mountains of Bulgaria. Photo by: Yves Adams

Two foxes snarling at each other. Photo by: Sergey Gorshkov

Sahara or fennec fox or fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa. Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which serve to dissipate heat. Photo by: Francisco Mingorance

Their adorable appearance makes them favorites of the captive pet trade, and local peoples also hunt the fennec fox for its fur. Photo by: unknown

The arctic fox pup, an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as –58°F (-50°C) in the treeless lands where it makes its home. Photo by: Jack Stephens

It has furry soles, short ears, and a short muzzle, all important adaptations to the chilly clime. Photo by: Nik Zinoviev

Arctic foxes have beautiful white (sometimes blue-gray) coats that act as very effective winter camouflage. Photo by: Ben Marar

Arctic foxes live in burrows, and in a blizzard they may tunnel into the snow to create shelter. Photo by: Nik Zinoviev

The Amazing World Of Foxes In Photography

The Amazing World Of Foxes In Photography

Photography by: unknown

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