Super Cute Baby Animals in Human Hands

Baby hamster sleeping on a hand. Photo by: Marjolein

Newly hatched chicks just came to the world. Photo by: Michael Forster Rothbart

Baby squirrels are called kittens and kittens are born only twice a year. Once in the spring time and once at the end of the summer. Photo by: Alex Kaufman

Baby gecko with a cute smile. Photo by: S├ębastien Del Grosso

When hedgehogs are born, up to seven in a litter, their spines are soft and short. Soon after birth, their spines harden, becoming stiffer, sharper, and longer. Photo by: Beatriz Pacheco

Baby chameleons will have to get out of egg shells on their own, find food, find shelter, and avoid predators. Photo by: Sam Driscoll

Badger in a hand. Male badgers are called boars, female badgers are called sows and baby badgers are called cubs. Photo by: unknown

Baby alligator enjoys back scratches. Photo by: unknown

The rescued little baby deer orphan is just six inches tall and, at 500 grams, weighed little more than a bag of sugar. Photo by: Jeff Moore

Director of the marine fauna reserve ‘SOS Fauna Marina’ holds a rescued 10-day-old baby dolphin in a pool in Punta Colarada. Photo by: Miguel Rojo

Kittens’ eyes and ear canals are closed during their first few days of life, rendering them unable to see or hear one another. Photo by: unknown

6 days old bunny. Photo by: Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji

Super Cute Baby Animals in Human Hands

Super Cute Baby Animals in Human Hands

Photography by: unknown

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