Must-Have Equipment For Amateur Photographers


Photography, as a hobby or a profession, is an art that brings people together in unique ways. The idea of capturing a moment, and then sharing it with the rest of the world, certainly has a romantic feel to it, one reason why so many people enjoy taking photos, all the time.


Taking a good photograph, though, is no child’s play. From focusing on the subject and highlighting its finer points to composing the perfect shot, becoming a master in this art can takes years. That is not to say that everyone should not enjoy photography. It is something that any child or adult can take up and explore, without having to worry too much, especially since “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” However, being a little prepared, with the right kind of equipment, can help even an amateur photographer take excellent photos.


Camera and Lenses


There are countless cameras in the market nowadays, each one having distinct attributes to help make photography simpler and more exciting. Although many people say that it doesn’t matter what camera you use, in the end, the right one can make all the difference. For someone interested in travel photos, for example, a mirror-less, light-weight camera is ideal. The traditional DSLRs are still very much in fashion but are best suited for those who do not mind carrying a bulky kit bag with them at all times. One mistake that amateurs make is that they do not invest enough in lenses. While a standard kit lens is acceptable when starting, most professionals will tell you that a 50mm lens is the most important lens to have in your collection.




Due to all the technological advancements, we now have excellent cameras in our smartphones. The iPhone and Pixel are two of the very best mobile phones with amazing cameras. Moreover, with changes, like foldable technology, becoming mainstream as we speak, the future of wearable and easy to use cameras is almost here. Smartphone cameras are particularly useful for beginners and amateurs as they require no additional investment. Moreover, if you are into posting your photos on Instagram or Facebook, it makes things a lot more straightforward.


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No matter how stable are your hands, having a tripod can make a huge difference in your photos. Just like cameras, there are different types of tripods available, including the monopod. If you have an expensive camera, make sure you choose a stable and well-built tripod, lest it might fall under the weight of the equipment. Also, it is worth having a small gorilla pod handy, primarily for mobile photography.




Even the most professional of photographers need to touch upon their creations before presenting them to the world. Apps such as Lightroom and Snapseed, are amongst the best photography apps and can help you edit photos, both on your computer and on your mobile phones. They can be used to adjust the lighting, straighten the image, or add filters to give your photos a distinct look.




In the end, the one thing you definitely need, to become a good photographer, is the right attitude. This includes being a little extroverted, talking to strangers, or not being afraid to lie on the ground for that perfect capture. It’s all about enjoying the activity for its creativeness.