Most Beautiful Northern Lights Photography

This stunning colorful photo is taken near North Pole perfectly captures the northern lights and the milky way in the same frame. Photo by: Tony Prower

Aurora Borealis (northern lights) over city of Hammerfest, Northern Norway. Photo by: Alamy

Beautiful northern lights over forest of city Kiruna in Sweden. Photo by:Antony Spencer

Aurora Borealis and the milky way over lake Crater in Oregon. United States. Photo by: Brad Goldpaint

One diver succeed to take a photo from a different point – through thick ice in the freezing cold waters of the Arctic Circle. Photo by: George Karbus

The Expedition 32 crew from International Space Station, captured a series of photos of Northern Lights flying approximately 240 miles above Earth ground. Photo by: NASA

Many people say northern lights are greatest show on Earth, this is why. Above cabins in Iceland. Photo by: Vasya Pupkin

Northern lights and long exposure photo of traffic on roads of Alaska. Photo by: Chris Ledoux

An aurora is caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Photo by: Arild Heitmann

Two spectacles in one photography. Erupting volcano and eruption of light over Iceland, the home of 35 active volcanoes. Photo by: James Appleton | National Geographic

Perfect place to set up the camp under the naturally beautiful, multi-hued light show in the sky in Canada. Photo by: Nori Sakamoto

Amazing blue Aurora Borealis as seen above Earths atmosphere, taken from outer space. Photo by: NASA

Most Beautiful Northern Lights Photography

Most Beautiful Northern Lights Photography

Photography by: unknown

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