Bird Watcher’s Dream Shots Gallery

Birds on a branch during a snowstorm. Photo by: David Duprey

Kingfishers are from a group of small to medium sized brightly coloured birds in the order Coraciiformes. Photo by: Rahul Alvares

The Iinca Tern, birds with mustaches. Photo by: Annemiek Brink

Peek-a-boo with a photographer. Photo by: Edwin Kats

Atlantic puffin couple. Photo by: Massimiliano Sticca

Dad bird feeds baby chick. Photo by: Bank Bhalwal

You two owls should get a room. Photo by: Vladimir Kogan

Mocking bird against the rules. Photo by: Dean Mason

Eye of the macaw. Photo by: James Robinson

Elegance of flamingo. Photo by: Ian Cumming

Cock of the rock bird. Photo by: Glenn Bartley

White owl in flight. Photo by: Uri Golman

Bird Watcher’s Dream Shots Gallery

Bird Watcher’s Dream Shots Gallery

Photography by: unknown

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