Amazing Photos of Serbia, The Hidden Gem of Europe

A house without neighbors. The house that has perched on a rock in the middle of a Drina river for 40 years, Serbia. Photo by: Irene Becker

Vineyards of Vojvodina province, Serbia. The fertile plains of Vojvodina are dotted with ploughed fields, cornfields, vineyards and orchards. Photo by: Katarina Stefanovic

Stunning golden fields of Serbia. A total of eighteen Roman emperors were born on what is modern day Serbia. Photo by: Katarina Stefanovic

The right bank of Danube river, Serbia. Danube is Europe’s most important river spreading through the Bavarian (Germany) canal system, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea. Photo by: Dragoljub Zamurovic

Camping under milky way in Uvac canyon, Serbia. Photo by: The Wax Museum

Serbia has been topping the global raspberry export list for several years now. Almost 95% of the world’s raspberries came from Serbia. Photo by: Katarina Stefanovic

Sunshine over Tara mountains, also known as Dinaric alps, Serbia. Photo by: Uros Petrovic

Typical village household in rural areas of Serbia. Photo by: Novica Aloric

Eagle over river uvac, Serbia. Uvac Lake are natural habitat for whitehead vulture (Griffin Vultures). Photo by: unknown

Beautiful “Danube” street in Novi Sad, second largest city in Serbia and home of the Europe’s best music festival “Exit”. Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinovic

A New Year’s eve celebration at Novi Sad main city square. Photo by: Bojan Hohnjec

Umbrella street in Serbian capital. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, first settled in the 3rd century BC by the Celts, before becoming the Roman settlement of Singidunum. Photo by: Matej Duzel

Amazing Photos of Serbia, The Hidden Gem of Europe

Amazing Photos of Serbia, The Hidden Gem of Europe

Photography by: unknown

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