Amazing Photos Of Waves That Look Like A Mountains


“These waves break on barnacle-covered reefs that are like cheese grater. Once I swam into a freshly attacked half-eaten seal still hemorrhaging blood.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“The ocean has been the one single constant in my life. It’s where my earliest memories were made and it’s where I go to center myself each day.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“More than that, the ocean has taught me lessons that will stay with me for life — respect, patience, and harmony were all learned in the sea.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“I’m not sure if I can adequately describe the pictures I make, but I can explain my intentions though…I want to capture the moods of the ocean.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“The dark and stormy, the raging anger and the quiet whisper. I try and treat it as though I’m taking a portrait of a living, breathing thing.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“But imagine as a photographer that your studio is thrashing you around, pulling you under the surface, and pushing you into the path of these mountains.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“I’ve had a few instances where I’ve been concerned for my well-being and general safety. Just miscalculating and underestimating the power of a wave.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“Any activity where there are elements that are out of your control will always carry a risk; you just have to make sure the reward is worth it.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“But there are moments that it all comes together, and they are the moments that propel me.” Photo by: Ray Collins


“It’s not for everyone, but I’m glad that I have the ability to share it. A thousand words explaining a picture? I’ve heard a saying about that!” Photo by: Ray Collins


“But on a personal level — I just want to be a better person, because at the end of the day, these are just images.” Photo by: Ray Collins


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Amazing Photos Of Waves That Look Like A Mountains

Amazing Photos Of Waves That Look Like A Mountains

Photography by: unknown

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