5 Most Beautiful Places in Portugal


Portugal is one of the most visited countries in Europe due to its many beautiful destinations across the country. The country has a lot of beautiful sceneries attracting travelers from all parts of the world. People travelling to Portugal can do it for leisure, sports, education and so on.


There are literary great destinations for all sorts of people and travelers. Sports people can go out golfing in Algarve while families visit Lisbon, Portugal’s capital for fun and many recreational activities. If you are considering Portugal as your preferred travel destination, here are 5 most beautiful places to visit in Portugal:



1. Algarve


Travelers go to Algarve primarily for sports tourism. The city offers beautiful golf courses such as the Silves Golf Course for all golf enthusiasts looking for a great golf experience. However, there are other special features to behold in this city. It is a region rich in culture and history forming part of Portugal’s story that any traveler would love to hear and see. Algarve’s beauty is characterized by beautiful beaches, hilly and mountainous regions that make great sights to behold. Therefore, it is definitely one of the best choice destinations in Portugal.



2. Lisbon


Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is obviously a beauty that anyone going in that country would want to go and see. It carries the sum of what Portugal is, being the main city representing all that the country boasts of. There is a lot of excitement within the city comparable to other European cities typically because of its charm and beauty. It is closely associated with the country’s history and in the region as well. For that reason, its beauty and elegance stemming out of history are what makes it an admirable choice for those travelling.


3. Cascais


Cascais is a beautiful cosmopolitan resort on the Portuguese coast. It started out as a sleepy small fishing village that has grown to become such a great destination for travelers. Located to the west of Lisbon, Cascais is a great holiday destination known for its glamorous beaches, water sports and complex nightlife among other adventurous activities. The quality of features, facilities and other tourist attractions is unmatched. It is packed with great artistic works and beauty enticing to the would-be traveler to that side of Portugal.



4. Porto


Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and this has not been without a reason. The 14th-century walls are great features to behold alongside its colorful picturesque buildings, historical winding streets and bell tower. It hosts part of Portugal’s rich culture upon which it has been found. The blend of both the old and new fashion makes it a desirable place to visit when in Portugal. To get to Porto, you will be travelling to the Northwest Coast of the country. There is all that a traveler would want to see in one place.


5. Sintra

Those going to Sintra should expect to see one outstanding feature, the royal sanctuary located at the steps of the Sintra Mountains adjacent to Lisbon, the Capital City. Sintra is a great village highly-ranked among top attraction and beautiful places in Portugal. It has richly colored structures and buildings alongside beautiful architecture. Here, travelers get to see romantic Moorish castle, turrets, palaces and dense forests in this somewhat small place. Here is also a great place to propose your love ones. Due to the existing micro climate in the region, there is lush and exotic vegetation.


Final Advice

Prior to visiting Portugal, it is important to weigh on the options and choose a destination with the kind of sceneries you are anticipating to see. The big towns like Lisbon, Algarve, Porto among others have the beauty that any traveler would want to see.