World Under Snow in 12 Magical Photos

Winter in Krakow, Poland. Photo by: Marcin Ryczek

Walking in the snow is fun. Photo by: Cedar Beauregard

Church in Switzerland surrounded by snow. Photo by: Arnd Wiegmann | Reuters

Baby lion plays with snowball in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia. Photo by: Alexa Stankovic

Lonely tree in magical winter scenery, Yellowstone, United States. Photo by: Anita Erdmann

Train goes to the snow, Germany. Photo by: Stefan Rampfel

Traffic in mountain pass in Kashmir, India. Photo by: Fayaz Kabli

Snowy town of Qaqortoq, Greenland. Photo by: Joël Tettamanti

Golden retriever playing in the snow. Photo by: unknown

Burstall pass, Alberta, Canada. Photo by: Patrick Latter

Snowfall over Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Photo by: Gabriele Forzano

Great wall under snow, Beijing, China. Photo by: Panorama Stock

World Under Snow in 12 Magical Photos

World Under Snow in 12 Magical Photos

Photography by: unknown

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