These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Camping

Camping at 10 000 feet under beautiful night sky. Photo by: David Kaplan

Amazing Huai Nam Dang national park, Thailand. Photo by: Preecha Sakhonphantharak

Sitting inside tree tent. Photo by: Alex Shirley-Smith

Star trails above Rocky mountains. Photo by: Richard Gottardo

Northern lights above night in Yellowknife, Canada. Photo by: Kwon O. Chul

Camping at mount Etna, Sicily, Italy. Photo by: Marco Calandra

Camping below night sky of Bulgaria. Photo by: Krasi Matarov

Thousands of participants at camping festival in China. Photo by: unknown

A couple camping inside forest. Photo by: unknown

Alpinist place to sleep. Photo by: Kamil Tamiola

Camping under aurora. Photo by: Nori Sakamoto

Camping between France and Italy. Photo by: Dima Chatrov