The Amazing World Of Elephants In Photography

Elephants do swim – they use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water. Photo by: Jody Macdonald

Fifty eight year old mahout Nasru sits on the tusks of his 60 year old elephant Rajan. Photo by: Cesare Naldi

13 month old elephant Rania stretches her trunk out to touch the nose of her mahut during the Sonepur Mela in Sonepur near Patna, India. Photo by: Daniel Berehulak

An Asian elephant fetus after 12 months in the womb, catching some shut eye before she takes her first heavy steps in the world. Photo by: National Geographic

Areal view of elephant shadows walking through the desert. Photo by: Michael Poliza

Father, son and an elephant, Thailand. Photo by: Traer Scott

Happy baby elephant enjoying a bath. Photo by: Arkom Pimsarn

Mahout with African elephant. Both female and male African elephants have tusks but only the male Asian elephants have tusks. Photo by:

Black and white photography of elephants greeting each other. Photo by: Paul Anthony Wilson

Wild African elephant stampede. Photo by: unknown

Young elephant playing at the beach. Photo by: John Lindie

Elephant calf walking in the protective shadow of it’s mother. Photo by: Simon Hodgson

The Amazing World Of Elephants In Photography

The Amazing World Of Elephants In Photography

Photography by: unknown

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