Stunning Photos of Russian Wilderness

Beautiful winter in Russia. Photo by: Vladimir Chuprikov

Extinct Vilyuchinsk volcano, Russia. Photo by: Andrei Grachev

Orda Cave is a world’s largest underwater cave found underneath the western Ural Mountains. This photos is also a part of
Most Amazing Caves Around The Planet top gallery post. Photo by: Viktor Lyagushkin

Edge of the Murmansk land, located in the extreme northwest part of Russia. Photo by: Andrei Grachev

Aerial view of Kamchatka river, Russia. Photo by: Igor Shpilenok

Milky way over Northern Ural, Russia. Photo by: Sergey Makurin

Sunset through ice cave, Lake Baikal, Russia. Photo by: CoolBieRe

Small temple on a tiny island, Russia. Photo by: Michail V

Frozen bubbles of Multinskiye Lake, Russia. Photoy by: Anton Petrus

Huge Mysterious Crater, Siberia. Photo by: Vladimir Pushkarev

Autumn In Karabash, one of the most polluted places on Earth. Photo by: Vadim Balakin

Lake Baikal surface crack. Photo by: Alexey Trofimov

Stunning Photos of Russian Wilderness