Photography Dissertation: Best Variants of Topics

One of the most intriguing things about photography is developing a dissertation. You can choose different dissertation topics to write about based on your interests. To come up with the perfect dissertation topic, you may need to research other works related to your area of interest.


Doing research will help you come up with a unique topic that no one has done before. You will be in a position to present something new and different with your photography dissertation. Here are the best variants of photography dissertation topics written before to get you started.


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The improvements needed in modern photography


This dissertation topic will allow you to explore the type of improvements needed in the world of photography. Unlike in the past, where the production of photographs was limited to studios, people can now take photographs and publish them instantly on social media.


There is a great risk of regurgitation of many of these photos. This is despite the original photographer putting in the time and effort to conceive and produce them.
Some photographers are working tirelessly against this framework to improve the long-standing narrative. You can use this topic to find out innovative and ingenious ways of improving photography today.


What is the role of ethics in photography today?


The past century has witnessed the evolution of photography from black and white to color photography. The production of photographs also takes a shorter time and photographers can now edit their photos. Film photography has also evolved, allowing us to view the world from the comfort of our homes.


There are many recording devices available today that have revolutionized the world of photography. It is now easy to capture and share the billions of images between people on these image recording devices.
This photography dissertation topic allows you to explore various ethical issues brought about by the advancement of technology. For assistance, a simple request that says, write my dissertation, Edubirdie, can get the work done for you. The online service has a wide base of professional writers with years of experience to ensure that the work is always of great quality.


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Photography versus painting – Using photography to educate individuals with a negative view on nature


There are different forms of expression brought out by paintings and photographs. Generally, photography gives a realistic expression, whereas paintings represent the artist’s ideas. Photographs give you the platform to present the real world extraordinarily, while paintings express emotion or the artist’s ideas.


In that sense, photographs are more powerful than paintings. An oil painting of a river and forest may look close to real, but unfortunately, not as much as a photograph would present the same place. This dissertation topic allows you to explore the role of photography in changing people’s perspective on nature.


The role of photography in the development of social media and other communication systems


Many social media platforms have the option of uploading images, making photography a very powerful tool for communicating. Print media also use photographs to emphasize their headline stories and other articles that would otherwise not have much of an effect on the reader.


This study provides you with a platform to investigate the power of photography on communication platforms. You can explore the different powerful messages conveyed by photographs. You can derive inspiration from photojournalists covering war and pandemics to help you with your research.


Using angles and approaches to produce the best photographs


Photographers put in a lot of work to produce some of the best images out there. They have to get all the angles, lighting and approaches right to bring out a powerful message in the photograph. Using long shots captures both the object and its environment while close up shots help bring focus on the object.


There is also the use of extreme shots that help in capturing a large scene such as a war setting, building exterior, or exciting scenes. You can use this topic to explore the impact of either using wide shots, extreme wide shots and close up shots to capture images. This dissertation topic also gives you the chance to explore the ways of producing the best photographs.




These are some of the best variants of topics that you can use for your photography dissertation. You must love the topic you select and your advisor must approve it. The dissertation process is long and you do not want to get stuck or bored in the middle. Have a look at these dissertation topics to give you the inspiration you need.


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