Most Breathtaking Adrenaline Pumping Photos

Amazing crazy skydiving shot taken with GoPro over Miami. Photo by: Ralph Turner

Free jump from KL tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo by: Vincent Thian

Kayak challenge on extreme waterfalls. Photo by: Desre Tate |

Base jumping at beautiful Zakynthos island, Greece. Photo by: Vadimir Mahorov

She loves adrenaline, cliff climbing over sea. Photo by: David Clifford

Base jumping from a Contra Dam, Switzerland, as seen on James Bond movie. Photo by: Vadimir Mahorov

Jumping over a canyon on bike in Peru. Photo by: Marco Toniolo

First snowboarders to conquer vertical Alaskan slope. Photo by: Scott Serfas

Sequence shot of huge snowboard jump. Photo by: Scott Serfas

Extreme climber in the crack. Photo by: Paul Bride

Extreme tight rope sky walker. Photo by: Markus Stadler

Insane Ukrainian roofer, Mustang is looking death in the eyes . Photo by: Kirill Opex

Most Breathtaking Adrenaline Pumping Photos

Most Breathtaking Adrenaline Pumping Photos

Photography by: unknown

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