Most Amazing Macro Insect Photography

Very rare panda looking ant from Chile. Photo by: Chris Lukhaup

Just 3 dragonflies hanging out. Photo by: Aliona Shevtsova

Butterfly and praying mantis cross one path. Photo by: Fabien Bravin

Can you see the caterpillar on this photo? One of the biggest masters of camouflage in nature. Photo by: Conny Sandland

This is the incredible snapshot that appears to show an praying mantis riding off into the sunset on a bicycle. Photo by: Eco Suparman

The jumping spider family contains more than 500 described genera and about 5,000 described species, making it the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species. Photo by: Thomas Shahan

The incredible and beautiful transparent Glasswing Butterfly. Photo by: Swamibu Farrukh

Close-up detailed photo of Moth face. Edemin Ramirez

Dragonfly covered with droplets of water. Photo by: David Chambon

This is how ant looks like taken with macro shot. Photo by: Nicolas Reusens

Soldier Fly head micro close-up. Photo by: Laurie Knight

Ladybug enjoying some sun after the rain. Photo by: Jens Kolk

Most Amazing Macro Insect Photography

Most Amazing Macro Insect Photography

Photography by: unknown

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