Latest Photography Trends of 2020

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Photography has matured a lot over the past decade and many technologies have been introduced on the area of photography influenced by the introduction of smartphones and cheaper digital cameras. Apart from that, there has also been a huge increase in interest towards the DSLR cameras. The current trends in photography are more about grabbing the attention of the audience than showing extreme creativity. Let us look at some of the latest trends in photography in 2020.


Candid portraits


Candid photos have been a huge trend in 2020 and it does not seem to be a diminishing trend. This is because people prefer to see more realistic photos rather than photos with proper poses. These are photos that are captured in the spur of the moment rather than the photos which require proper preparation, lighting and different poses.


360o Photography


This year has seen a huge increase in 360o photography. People have been using these images to give a full view to the viewers. These have especially been famous among travel photographers. Some of the famous smartphone and camera makers have started to include 360o photography as a necessary feature in the camera applications. Major photography events have also been pretty appreciative of this new photography technique.


Drone Photography


This is a gift of the technological advancements. Taking an aerial view used to be an expensive task with the requirement of helicopters or going to a really tall building. But the introduction of economical drones has made it extremely simple. It has now become common in real-estate, landscape as well as wedding photography. It also allows photographer to take shots from angles which were previously not accessible.



Smartphone Photography


Social media has taken the world by storm for the past decade. The easy availability of smartphones has made it extremely common for people to take photos on their phones and share it on social media. The smartphone companies have also begun offering extremely high-definition cameras as a part of the phones. And the new wave of online influencers has been using smartphone cameras to post pics and earn through advertisements.


Vivid Colours


Attention grabbing colours have also been a huge trend in 2020. Unlike the old photography where people used to prefer more sober and dark colours, now people have started to use more vivid colours to grab the attention of the audience. It can either be the clothing or maybe the wall in the background or even some painting with vivid colours. Even for advertising, online brands like live casino India employ vivid colours to get the customer attention.




One of the best trends in 2020 has been to click photos with people from diverse ethnicities as a means to show inclusivity among humans. These can be seen on billboards, advertisements and also social media posts. These have specifically been common among corporates which have been trying to promote diversity among the employees and to make their offices a better place to work by portraying people from varying parts of the society working together in complete harmony.