How Would Major Cities Look Like With Lights Off?

new york without light

Most likely we will never be able to see city skies entirely free from artificial light and atmosphere pollution. Not anymore. That is history. New York and Brooklyn bridge. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

new york without light 2

Photographer brought peace to the ever buzzing cities by digitally mixing two worlds into one. New York. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

los angeles without light

Darkened Los Angeles under a blanket of stars and milky way. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

paris without light

The clouds of the Milky Way hover above the Paris skyline. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

paris without light 2

The Luxor Obelisk stands starkly in an empty Parisian square under a bowl of stars captured in Malt, Mont, Paris. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

rio without light

This star scape over Rio de Janeiro famous beach Copacabana. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

san francisco without light

The Milky Way and California’s San Francisco to Oakland Bay Bridge stand out prominently in this cityscape. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

sao paulo without light

This composite photo of the sky over the Sao Paulo in Brazil shows what the darkened sky could look like over the city in the Southern Hemisphere. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

hong kong without light

By combining a photos photographer creates a scientifically accurate view of what the city of Hong Kong could be like without lights. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

shanghai without light

The Milky Way glows brightly over Shanghai’s cityscape, China. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

shanghai without light 2

In the darkest hour the highways of Shanghai are still with a sky shining above the city. Photo by: Thierry Cohen

tokyo without light

Without lights sky over Tokyo will be beautiful sight to see, but the city will be hard to live on. Photo by: Thierry Cohen