Hong Kong in 12 Amazing Photos

Vertical horizon of Hong Kong. Photo by: Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

Sunshine over Hong Kong. It has the most skyscrapers in the world, with 8,000 buildings having more than 14 floors, almost double that of New York. Photo by: Coolbie Re

The annual Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks extravaganza is an essential part of the celebrations and in Hong Kong. Photo by: David W

Mongkok district of Hong Kong has the world’s highest population density with an average of 130,000 people per square kilometer. Photo by: Coolbie Re

Hong Kong from above. It is the world’s most expensive place to buy a home where $200 000 buys only 500 square feet. Photo by: Pete Finlay

Its population is predominantly Chinese and Cantonese remains the common language of communication. Photo by: Coolor Foto

World`s largest rubber duck floating in Hong Kong. Photo by: Florentijn Hofman

Approximately 75% of of Hong Kong is rural, comprising of 24 country parks, scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastline easily accessible from the city. Photo by: Ian Boys

Hong Kong street view. Photo by: Curious Light

One of the world’s highest per-capita concentrations of cafes and restaurants at one restaurant for every 600 people. Photo by: Bryan Leung

Floating fish market in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Photo by: Jason Hawkes

Street colors of Hong Kong. Photo by: Brian Yen | National Geographic

Hong Kong in 12 Amazing Photos

Hong Kong in 12 Amazing Photos

Photography by: unknown

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