Cost of Surrogacy in Cyprus: What are the Main Factors?

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Have you ever thought about how much does surrogacy cost in Cyprus? Cyprus is a perfect place for ordering surrogacy. It has a few limitations and laws on it. So, the price of embryos and surrogate motherhood here is the lowest in Europe. The cost of surrogacy in Cyprus is about 30000$. You may order the service in the World Center of Baby.


The cost depends on many factors:


• It will be less expensive if you have your own surrogate mother


• It differs based on the surrogacy clinic you choose


• Whether you want the child to be born in Cyprus or in another country


• The cost also differs depending on the surrogacy service you choose


• If you choose the best agency in Cyprus, you will have to pay more money.


Surrogacy in Cyprus: Is It Reliable to Choose?

Surrogacy in Cyprus is not well controlled by the government. There are few laws to govern it. For this reason, surrogacy is cheaper than in other parts of Europe. Yet, it is more dangerous at the same time. There is a risk of fraud from the doctors. You may have controversies with them, and the law will not help you. The medical service may be lacking.
Another difficulty is that there is no contract to state that the child is yours. The surrogate mother may leave the child to herself. She may give birth to the child and hide from you. You will not be able to confirm your parenthood. There will be no chance to solve the dispute legally or in court. The reason is that there is no valid contract between you and the mother. It is her who decides whose child it is.


Surrogacy Agency in Cyprus: a Reliable Surrogacy Option


The World Center of Baby is an international organization. It offers reliable surrogacy for people from different countries. If you do not trust Cyprus laws, you may find your surrogacy mother here. The center provides surrogacy services for married couples, single parents, and gay couples. If you have an LGBT family, it is a great opportunity to have children.
World Center of Baby provides all-inclusive gestational surrogacy services and egg donation programs. If you want to get more information, look through a forum and read customers’ comments.


Surrogacy Laws in Cyprus and How They Control the Agencies


There is a lack of surrogacy controlling laws. So, it is easier to provide the service. There is no need to wait for a long time to conclude a lot of contracts. You should not get permission from the government. Yet, despite this, it is not the best place to order surrogacy. It is safer to find a surrogate mother in such countries as Colombia or Mexico.
So, be sure that you give your money to a reliable surrogate mother. Remember that when you order surrogacy in Cyprus, you take a risk. The laws of the country do not protect intended parents’ rights.