Best of Humans Underwater Photography

The southern right whale meets diver. Photo by: Brian Skerry

Diving in world’s largest underwater ‘crystal’ cave in deep Russian waters. Photo by: Viktor Lyagushkin

Freediver over the airplane wreck in the Bahamas. Photo by: Frederic Buyle

Girl swims with a nurse shark. Photo by: Tony Rath

Divers at mysterious underwater Easter Island statues. Photo by: Randy Olson | National Geographic

Scuba diving with barracudas. Photo by: David Doubilet

Surfers under the big wave. Photo by: Mark Tipple

Manta ray and scuba diver swimming together. Photo by: Franco Banfi

Diver takes a photo of Whitetip shark. Photo by: Brian Skerry | National Geographic

Diver in front of thousands of fish. Photo by: Octavio Aburto | National Geographic

Underwater female surfer. Photo by: Alana Rene Blanchard

Underwater divers paparazzi. Photo by: Andrew Gladyshev

Best of Humans Underwater Photography

Best of Humans Underwater Photography

Photography by: unknown

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