5 Best College And University Photography Programs


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good picture is worth more. It indicates why you should learn how to take and present photos like a professional. Enrolling at a university or college will give you the perfect grounding to become a world-class photographer.


Learning photography helps you to deliver outstanding photos for clients or personal projects. If you are in college, you can pay my essay writer to take up some of your assignments so that you can enroll and become the best photographer. Here are colleges that will help you to sharpen your photography skills.


1. New York School of Photography


The course at New York School of Photography is not offered as a degree course. A student gets a series of accredited units that also come with a recognized certificate. Luckily, these classes are online, allowing you to study from anywhere around the world.
New York School of Photography offers allows you to study at your own pace yet get the best credentials possible. Training goes beyond how to take and edit photos to capture tips on how to make money with photography. The addition of graphics design courses makes the program even more attractive.


2. Columbia College, Chicago


Columbia College in Chicago is one of the rare schools that offer a degree program on photography. It is interesting to learn about the history of photography and enjoy the evolution. The course will turn you into a world-class photographer trotting the globe and taking the best shots.


If you do not want to take the full course, Columbia College will allow you to take selected units. You can learn photography for fashion design, fine art, or commercial, among other segments. The college provides industry connections that will boost your photography career.


3. School of the Art Institute in Chicago


SAIC, as the college is known, provides a holistic approach to photography. It begins with history and will end with contemporary issues in photography. It is one of the most recognized photography colleges in the world.
The courses help you to conceptualize your idea, learn different styles and habits, as well as find yourself in each photo. It is an intellectually engaging program that will get you writing philosophical papers. You have to make a personal presentation to graduate.


4. Kent State University


The college is recognized for its liberal arts. It has taken its photography course a notch higher by adding interdisciplinary elements and collaborative work. You will graduate from one of the best photo-journalism schools in the USA.


5. Rhode Island School of Design


RISD offers a four years photography undergraduate course. You may also take a two years graduate course. The courses are comprehensive allowing you to cover film, printing, video, and other aspects of photography. The creative community around campus will make studying easier and rewarding for your art skills.


It helps to enroll at a school with the reputation of providing world-class skills. Review the alumni lineup of the college and ask for referrals from your model photographers. Choose a college that brings out the best photographer in you.