These 12 Amazing Photos Will Make You Go Kayaking

Kayakers in Ashlu creek, Canada. Photo by: Phil Tifo

Kayaking in clear cave lake, Thailand. Photo by: John Spies

Kayaking extremely close to volcano. Photo by: Alexandre Socci | National Geographic

Three sisters springs, Florida. Photo by: Paul Nicklen

Kayaking on blue river of Greenland. Photo by: unknown

Kayaking glacier bay, Alaska. Photo by: unknown

Extreme kayak challenge, Photo by: Desre Tate |

Amazing waterfall jump with kayak. This photo is also a part of Most Stunning Waterfall Photos gallery. Photo by: Tyler Roemer

A young boy kayaks in paradise, Solomon Islands, South Pacific. Photo by: Ira Block

This is how 2000 kayaks and canoes look from above. Photo by: Nancie Battaglia | National Geographic

Kayaker in a pool of mesmerizing foam. Photo by: Lucas Gilman

Would you paddle in this kayak? Beautiful clear waters of Panama. Photo by: Macduff Everton